About Tom

Since 1999 I've been a speaker, author, business owner and business coach. In 2007 I ventured into online marketing and developed a 10,000 member online community built around my well-known Charge What You Deserve brand.

I bring more than a decade of experience helping small businesses implement digital marketing strategies to improve the volume and quality of customer leads. Through systematic content marketing I help these business convert leads at higher rates than ever before.

Unlike other independent marketing consultants who leave behind careers at large marketing agencies, I've spent my entire professional life either working for, managing, or starting small businesses. I understand your challenges and am able to approach your situation with a strategic, results driven strategy geared toward a measurable ROI.

I'm never interested in the "flavor of the week" marketing methods.  I'm committed to developing and sharing real-world marketing principles that I've tested from the trenches in my own business.  My no-nonsense approach to building a sustainable business that allows time and energy for interests outside of vocation is what has attracted hundreds of amazing clients to me over the years. 

I'd love to help you on your journey as well. 

‚ÄčFeel free to reach out here.

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