Professional credentials

  • B.A. Marketing & Professional Sales, Kennesaw State University
  • Certified Marketing Consultant, Duct Tape Marketing
  • Certified Executive Coach, Center for Executive Coaching

Hi. I'm Tom Buford. I've owned and operated businesses in multiple industries since 1999. I have a passion for training and entrepreneurship. Shortly after leaving college I realized that I wasn't meant for the corporate lifestyle and I ventured into my first company. In 2007 I discovered digital marketing and saw firsthand the profound impact that it can have on a business. The ability to reach a global audience, utilize content to connect with this audience and automation strategies that give you time to focus on other aspects of your business is amazing. Now I train other businesses how to unleash the power of digital marketing.  

More than a decade training on digital marketing

I bring more than a decade of experience helping businesses implement digital marketing strategies to improve the volume and quality of customer leads. Through systematic content marketing I help these business convert leads at higher rates than ever before.

Unlike other independent marketing consultants who leave behind careers at large marketing agencies, I've spent my entire professional life either working for, managing, or starting small businesses. I understand your challenges and am able to approach your situation with a strategic, results driven strategy geared toward a measurable ROI.

I provide training on ways to...

  • Attract new leads and convert them into clients with proven email marketing and list-building strategies. I help you and your team identify a pressing problem or concern for your market. We then craft an enticing free offer to attract your ideal clients and customers who will exchange their contact information for the free offer. Once you have client and customer leads on your email list you need to begin sending content-rich emails along with strategic offers to turn these leads into paying clients and customers. I help your team with the research, design and technology to make all of this an automatic, streamlined process.
  • Engage your following so you can see a real ROI from social media. Too many companies focus on social media like and follows. These are simply vanity metrics, but don’t necessarily help to increase your bottom line. I help your team create a strategic approach to social media so that you can not only see your likes and followers increase, but more importantly you will see inquiries, consultations and sales.
  • Utilize keyword research, create a content calendar and develop engaging content on multiple platforms. Most companies lack a specific plan for creating content on their websites and social media platforms. I work with your team to research what your ideal clients are already searching for and want help with, create a content calendar focused on the themes that we discover from our research and develop a step-by-step plan for getting excellent content created on a regular basis across multiple platforms including your:
    • Blog
    • Website
    • Podcast
    • SEO Content
    • Email marketing
    • Social media platforms
  • Create a reputation marketing funnel. A recent survey from Bright Local showed that 87% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and families. I help your team create an online ratings and review funnel designed to get more positive reviews, get them on the platforms that mean the most to your business and be alerted whenever someone reviews your brand. I also train your team on best practices for responding to reviews.
  • Develop soup-to-nuts web design and conversion strategies. Your website is one of your most valuable digital assets. I help you and your team design your site to increase engagement by creating content that your consumers want to read and to improve conversion by creating strategic calls-to-action allowing you to capture more leads and increase your revenue.  
  • Get a positive ROI from your SEO campaigns. Are your potential customers able to find you when they search online? I can train your team on a 5-pronged approach to effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From keyword research to competitive analysis, on-page optimization to backlink strategies, you will have a complete and customized SEO strategy that you can implement immediately. - from keyword research to competitive analysis, on-page optimization to backlink strategies

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Hilary Potts Testimonial

I've been utilizing Tom's expertise for over 5 years...

Tom has been instrumental in the creation of digital marketing strategies for my firm. He has helped us develop online courses, increase our visibility in social media and create marketing messages that have a real impact on our bottom line. 

Hilary Potts  //  The HAP Group

Andrew Neitlich Testimonial

Tom is my trusted advisor for all things related to digital marketing.

Tom's no-nonsense approach to SEO and digital marketing is what prompted me to introduce him to my Center for Executive Coaching clients. They were in need of SEO and digital marketing strategies and Tom delivered above and beyond.

Andrew Neitlich  //  Center for Executive Coaching (CEO)