Below you will find information on our Automated Client Outreach program designed to let our team focus on the strategy and technology so that you can focus on your
#1 objective as a coach...
Working With Clients!

Stage 1 - Strategy First

  • Identify your profitable niche
  • Create your ideal client profile
  • Craft offers that your clients want and will pay premium fees for
  • Structure your ideal client enrollment process
  • Fine-tune your marketing edge, making your competition irrelevant

Stage 2 - Online Footprint

  • Create a client-converting website that mirrors your brand, message and business goals
  • Write all initial copy for your website  
  • Write 1,000 words of additional blog content
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization - our team will write content that reflects your business goals and speaks directly to your ideal clients
  • LinkedIn Banner Creation - we will create a custom banner that represents your brand and professionalism
  • Facebook Business Page Creation - while your ideal clients are easier to reach via LinkedIn, retargeting them on Facebook can be invaulable. In order to do this, you need to have a business page that mirrors your website. We do this for you.

Stage 3 - Ideal Client Conversion

  • Manual LinkedIn Outreach -  we will send connection invitations to up to 1000 ideal prospects per month
  • Manual LinkedIn Follow-up - we will reach out to all new connections using a custom crafted script that we write with your approval
  • LinkedIn Lead Tracking - we will track all leads and responses and share in a spreadsheet 
  • Inbox Monitoring - we will list all positive responses for follow-up and respond to uninterested leads using message template
  • Outreach Reporting - including number of newly added connections, interested leads and connection invites
  • Campaign Optimization - we will work together to make sure that the work being done is generating quality leads

Note: You need to be on Premium Plan or have Sales Navigator for us to effectively run your campaign...