“Discover Simple Strategies To Skyrocket Your Cash-Flow, Credibility, Confidence And Connections By Interviewing Experts On The Topic Of Your Choice Even If You’re Just Starting Your Business…GUARANTEED!”

Not only can short, expert interviews rapidly build your list and create amazing business relationships, but they can also help you to gain more confidence, position yourself as an expert in your niche, pile up thousands of dollars of great content to share with your market and create a best-selling info product that can bring in passive revenue.


Few Things will Deliver MORE for your Business than an Expert Interview Series!


Discover How To...

  • Become the Go-To expert in your niche
  • Develop an instant, profitable information product
  • Tap into the experience of known experts
  • Gain $1000s of information on your topic for FREE
  • Create amazing relationships with experts in and around your field
  • Open doors to opportunities you NEVER thought existed
  • And Much More!

This is NOT another training program on Podcasting!


What you’re about to learn is how to create a short “guest expert” interview series on the topic of your choice.  You will then be able to re-package the interviews into products, share with the world to begin building your list and connect with Centers of Influence who are ready, willing and able to get your work out to more people than you can imagine.

My training has been used successfully by lawyers, coaches, consultants, doctors and even artists who were tired of building their business “one lead at a time” and ready to leverage other people’s content and communities in order to create rapid growth.

This Step-By-Step Training Is Called
The Interview Wealth Home Study System™

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See what some of my clients have to say:

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Here's what will be covered in the Interview Wealth Home Study System:

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The Interview Wealth Home Study System™ has been selling successfully for $197, but I am “cleaning up” my business and removing most of my online courses FOREVER.

You can access the entire Interview Wealth Home Study System™ for just $47 until Saturday, October 10th, 2015.  After that the course will be discontinued forever.