Resources for Building Your Online Business

Below you will find some of my favorite resources for creating a freedom based business by utilizing profitable online courses and information products.

Creating a new course is only the beginning. There are several tools that will allow you to build more automation into your business. Learn more below.

Lead Pages – If you’ve signed up for any of my free eBooks, resources, etc then you’ve done so using a page I’ve built using Lead Pages. They allow you to create stunning, elegant and high-converting landing pages (and much more) for your business. You can have professional looking opt-in and registration pages up and running in minutes flat.

Aweber – This is where I store all of my business email contacts (list) so that I can share blog updates, weekly tips, etc on an automated basis. You MUST use some form of CRM and I’ve been using Aweber since 2007. They are an industry leader with flawless email delivery. In fact, you can use Aweber to drip out content for your new online course, making it a breeze to share your content with new students.

Instant Teleseminar – My go-to resource for conducting LIVE webinars and group coaching/training calls. I’ve been using IT since 2008 and it’s been a rock-solid platform rich in features (yet simple to use) allowing me to create more leverage and automation in my business.

Meeting Burner – After creating online courses it’s imperative to begin your marketing. For hosting LIVE, interactive webinars, Meeting Burner is the resource to use. With a simple dashboard (no complexities while hosting live events) and without the hefty investment of Go-to-Webinar, Meeting Burner will get you up and running quick.

Evergreen Business Systems – The BEST tool available for turning your most powerful sales tool into an automated money machine. There’s no better way to sell your online courses than through content-rich webinars. But until EBS came along, you were forced to host ONLY live webinars. EBS allows you to share your webinars 24/7/365.

Wish List Member – WordPress plugin allowing you to password protect course content, drip release lessons so students don’t get overwhelmed and create various “levels” of membership.

Thrive Themes – the awesome theme powering Course Crush is Squared by Thrive Themes. This theme cost $49 and allowed me to create a professional looking website in less than one day.

Blue Host – In order to share your website with the world, you need to have a web-hosting account. This site is hosted by Blue Host. They have unrivaled customer service and you can have a brand new WordPress website up and running in less than 7 minutes using their 1-click WordPress installation tool. So easy even I could do it 😉

Atlanta Marketing Pro – For those interested in increasing their marketing performance for a local business, I also run a marketing consultancy. You can learn great tips and strategies for taking over your marketplace if you run a local business.